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Bagaunfa Cupping

This traditional, time-honored treatment remains favored by millions of people worldwide because it's safe, comfortable and remarkably effective for many health disorders.

Pregnancy massage

Massage therapy throughout pregnancy is a fantastic additions to your prenatal care. It's a healthy way to cut back stress and promote overall well-being.

injury treatment

Using massage therapy as a part of your healing process you will encourage blood circulatory movement and relax your muscles which in turn will increase your healing rate and shorten your recovery time.

Sports Massage

Sports can be strenuous on your body and muscles. Massage therapy is a great way to encourage blood circulation and helps in reducing your risk of injuries.

lymph drainage

A technique developed in Germany, Lymph Drainage massage has numerous benefits for your well being and health.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages are not only to help you relax — they also help lengthen and unleash muscles that regularly feel tense and uncomfortable.


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